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Dental Services

At Mountain Home Veterinary Hospital, you can be confident that your pet will recieve expert care from Dr. Wayne Lilly, who will provide a comprehensive evaluation, expert diagnosis, and an individualized treatment plan, specific to your pet's condition. We pride ourselves on educating pet owners about dental care and disease prevention.  We provide high quality advanced veterinary dental services and oral surgery that will challenge the standards of our profession and provide our clients with a level of service that exceeds expectations.

Mountain Home Veterinary offers advanced pet dental procedures for cats and dogs, such as root canals (endodontics), periodontal care, oral surgery and difficult tooth extractions. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art dental equipment in order to provide comprehensive care for our own patients as well as dental referrals from other veterinarians.

Whether your pet is in need of a simple dental cleaning or has more serious oral problems, Mountain Home Veterinary Hospital is proud to be able to provide custom dental care.